HoodiaTherm Review

United Healthcare Labs manufactures a wide variety of health care products – one of which is the HoodiaTherm Appetite Suppressant Fatburner.  The main ingredient in HoodiaTherm has its origins in South Africa – Hoodia Gordonii.  In this review we will learn what Hoodia is, and why there is so much talk about this new weight loss supplement.

Does HoodiaTherm Work?

The short answer is no. Hoodia is the most hyped weight loss supplement ever. This shocks me because there are ZERO published studies proving its effectiveness as an appetite suppressant. Now that a bit of a problem, wouldn’t you say? Especially when over 25% of weight loss products contain this useless ingredient.

You may read convincing testimonials, but keep in mind that these are easily manufactured. For example, “Tar water zapped my appetite. I’ve lost 22 pounds in only 30 days. Thank you so much tar water!”  You see my point? If any product contains Hoodia, do the smart thing and avoid it.

Was HoodiaTherm on 60 Minutes?

Due to the hype that surrounds Hoodia, everyone is trying to take a share of the market, and this unfortunately involves shady marketing.  For example, the HoodiaTherm website references “As seen on 60 Minutes” but the segment on 60 minutes was in reference to Hoodia Gordonii in general and NOT to a specific product.

HoodiaTherm’s “Free” Trial

It’s not really a free trial. It’s more of a guarantee. They recently changed from an autoship program (which I absolutely hate) so I give props to them for that. Many companies offer lip service guarantees. They will either not respond to your request for a refund or they will find any little thing to disqualify you. We’re not sure if HoodiaTherm’s guarantee is legit, so let us know.

HoodiaTherm Pros

  • Guarantee (again, let us know if it’s actually honored)

HoodiaTherm Cons

  • Only Contains Hoodia
  • VERY expensive
  • Poor consumer reviews

HoodiaTherm Conclusion

If you are willing to try out unproven Hoodia, go ahead and waste your money. If you are serious about weight loss, keep reading to find the right weight loss products for your weight loss needs.

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Recent HoodiaTherm User Comments

3 Reviews

  1. Walter Spacey
    July 17, 2008 @ 11:56 pm


    Not worth your time or money. Try something else.

  2. susan
    July 21, 2008 @ 6:31 pm


    what is slim magic and does it work?

  3. Tamara
    January 30, 2009 @ 5:02 pm


    I’ve taken Hoodia, and the only think it seems to do is stop me from gaining any weight, which I guess is good when I’m trying to lose it. But I want it to help me too TOO not just stop me from gaining any pounds. I don’t know why I stuck with Hoodia, I did this and the patch and the Slimquick, which all acted the same.

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