Herbal Clean Q Pretox Review

Herbal Clean Q PretoxCleanses and detox regimens have lately become all the rage in the diet world. This may be because they focus on a short-term easy fix to what is ultimately a long term problem for many people. There are certainly many proven benefits to certain kinds of cleanse strategies and when they are combined with regular workouts can result in significant weight loss. Q Pretox is an inexpensive product meant to prepare your body for a workout routine but its actual claims are so vague its hard to say what, exactly it “works” for.

What’s in Herbal Clean Q Pretox?

The following formule is meant to “restore the body’s natural balance and flush unwanted toxins”:

  • Niacin – 3 mg
  • Proprietary Blend – 803 mg – (Burdock Powder,Red Clover Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Cayenne Pepper)

Why niacin? At larger doses (1000-2000 mg) it may help reduce cholesterol but at this level it doesn’t really add much value. Niacin deficiency is extremely uncommon. As for the proprietary blend , the primary effect here is from the diuretic quality of these ingredients. You will have to urinate more often and may therefore flush out more “toxins” than usual

Herbal Clean Q Pretox Price

As mentioned, this is a pretty inexpensive product at $10.

Herbal Clean Q Pretox Pros

  • Mostly herbal formula
  • Relatively cheap

Herbal Clean Q Pretox Cons

  • Mainly just a diuretic
  • Shouldn’t be taken by those with kidney problems or pregnant women

Herbal Clean Q Pretox Conclusion

Known as “pre” tox because it is meant to be used before a more intense detox regimen or to begin a diet/exercise program this product may help you lose some water weight but its addition to one of these programs seems basically unnecessary. This is $10 you don’t need to spend.

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