HCG Diet Solution Review

Along with the HCG amino acid blend you must follow a specific diet plan. This diet enables you to take advantage of the appetite suppressing components in the blend. You can plan to lose 1 pound a day, at the height of HCG diet you can lose up to 21 pounds in a week. That sounds insane but results like this have been seen on the HCG diet.

You will be given two options a 24-day plan or a 40-day plan. Most HCG diets are offered at diet clinic spas, so that a proper health assessment can be given. You also can order the diet information online. Once you receive the diet plan you will be given a strict summary of foods to consume at each meal.

Breakfast:  tea and coffee without added sugars are your two options

Lunch and Dinner:  A variety of one protein and vegetables.

HCG Diet Solution Plan

For your menu you can consume 500-800 calories a day.

For the supplement you will take a blend of 24 amino acids

  • L Prohne
    L-Aspartic acid
    L-Glutamic acid
    L- Glycine


If you pursue HCG diet through a clinic you will be provided assistance and encouragement that you just can’t do on your own. This option runs for a higher price, the average is about $7 a day. Going through clinic does not make the results come any faster it is really all up you and how motivated you are to stick to the plan.

HCG Diet Solution on the Web

Search for HCG diet and you’ll find many websites contributing to this subject. To find the best source of information make sure that the website you are looking is credible. To follow the diet alone you can find that info easily on the web, if you would like the full diet journal and guide, some companies will include this when you order the HCG blend. A credible company selling HCG is NiGen Biotech.

HCG Diet Solution Price and Return Policy

The diet is free if you can find the information. It generally includes two meals a day; very light, and practically nothing for breakfast.


If you are reading about HCG you might wonder if this type of lifestyle is doable. Quite frankly I don’t think it is. HCG may affect your appetite somewhat, however not to the amount of 500 calories a day. I’m also very shocked on the little coverage of how dangerous the diet is, especially when results are not even permanent.  The key to weight loss can be very easy to put into action but the journey of trial and error takes a while. What works for me may not work for you, so I can’t give a concise answer on how you alone can lose weight. Does this mean you can’t? No way! It simply mean s you will need to research more about your body composition. For example, if you tend to hold weight around your stomach, apple shape, this can mean you are sensitive to sugar and starchy foods. Cutting out processed foods and simple carbohydrates will slim your tummy down.

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