GNC be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopak Review

GNC be-HOT Exercise Enhancing TurbopakThe “Turbopak,” for women, come with three different kinds of pills.

  • be-defined™ – Toning & sculpting formula
  • be-energized™ – Calorie burning formula
  • be-enhanced™ – Diet supporting CLA complex

The one that sticks out the most is the Calorie burning formula. It has 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous (energy/metabolism), 150mg of grape seed extract (antioxidants) and 5mg of black pepper extract (enhances other ingredients). The CLA complex on the other hand is a little unimpressive. They hit a home run by adding so many essential omega fatty acids, but they whiff by having insufficient amounts.

GNC be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopak Key Ingredients:

  • N-amidinosarcosine
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Eicosapentaenoic Acid

GNC be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopak Pros

  • Made by a large company
  • Quality ingredients
  • 3 types of pills
  • Full 1 month supply

GNC be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopak Cons

  • They don’t show the ingredients on the GNC website!
  • Insufficient amount of ingredients
  • No money bak guarantee
  • Side effects
  • Not a great deal ($49.99)

GNC be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopak Conclusion

While researching this product the first thing we noticed is that you can’t find the ingredients on the GNC website. When you purchase the pills they’re right on the box, but it would be nice to know them before you buy them. overall it’s a decent weight loss supplement, but without a money back guarantee.

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