Fusion Bodybuilding SUB-Q Review

There are numerous diet pills on the market but I haven’t seen success with most of the ones that I have tried. So when I heard of Fusion Bodybuilding SUB-Q I was anxious to try it because it seemed like a good product with beneficial ingredients. In fact, when I looked at the ingredients I saw that SUB-Q contained several of the ingredients that have been proven to be effective in past diet pills. They didn’t tell the exact amounts of each ingredient but most diet pills don’t anymore. Usually a diet pill doesn’t tell the exact amounts of each ingredient in a blend for one of two reasons. Either they have a superior formula and they don’t want anyone to steal it or they have an inferior formula and they are trying to hide that from consumers. I assumed that the reason SUB-Q didn’t tell the exact amounts of each ingredient was because they didn’t want the other companies to try and steal it.

SUB-Q contains ingredients that can help to increase metabolism. This is one of the key necessities for successful weight loss. When you have an increased metabolism it is easier to lose weight since your body uses more energy to perform necessary tasks such as digestion and breathing. Your body is constantly at work to keep everything in balance and to keep the systems working properly and that takes a lot of energy. SUB-Q just makes it take a little more energy so that you can burn more calories without changing anything else in your lifestyle.

If you look at the pictures on the SUB-Q website you can see that they have incredibly ripped people advertising the product. That is usually how these type of things advertise their products but honestly from real consumer reviews it doesn’t seem like very many of the people that have used SUB-Q have had results like that.

SUB-Q Cost


SUB-Q Pros

  • Contains some top ingredients
  • Includes diet and exercise plan

SUB-Q Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • No guarantee

Fusion Bodybuilding SUB-Q Conclusion

It looks like SUB-Q is just another one of the diet pills that tries to hide the true formula from consumers because they have not included ingredients in the amounts needed to make a difference in weight loss. SUB-Q probably has more of an effect as a water weight loss product instead of a fat loss product. It can help to remove excess water weight from under your skin which is supposed to reveal your toned musculature. But by including diuretics in this diet pill they seem to have done a better job at including ingredients that can help to remove water weight but have no bearing on fat.

The diet and exercise program contained with SUB-Q can certainly get you adequate results. But if you are looking for a product that can help to enhance the weight loss capabilities of your current program it’s probably best to look for a product with adequate amounts of ingredients that can actually attack fat within your body.

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