Fedramine Review

Designed to mimic Phentermine, a diet pill available through a prescription, Fedramine boasts its ability to help consumers lose weight with “boosts of energy.” Fedramine is an over the counter appetite suppressant which will also increase energy. Any pill which claims to be a replica of Phentermine is worth taking a closer look at.

Does Fedramine Compare to Phentermine?

In short, no. Not even close. It does contain a few decent ingredients, like green tea and guarana, which have been proven to help combat weight loss.

As the ingredient list continues, users may be surprised to see that the majority of ingredients are nothing more than raw stimulants. Metabromine, White Willow Bark and, of course, Caffeine are used to give users this “boost” to help them make it through the day. Caffeine is a great weight loss supplement that should be used in moderation. Otherwise, you could end up with the jitters and insomnia.

Fedramine does contain synephrine, which bumps it up in my book.

Why Doesn’t Fedramine Have A Money Back Guarantee?

What do you think? If you managed a business and lacked confidence in your product, would you guarantee it? Probably not. It would be a short-lived business if you did that. Only buy guaranteed products from reputable companies.

Fedramine Pros

  • Contains synephrine and caffeine

Fedramine Cons

  • No guarantee – where’s the confidence?
  • Very expensive! Over $1 a pill!

Fedramine Conclusion

Overall, Fedramine is a decent product at a very high price. If it had a guarantee, I may consider recommending it.

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  1. Alma
    July 17, 2008 @ 9:09 pm


    With no guarantee, no business from me.

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