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Fat loss 4 IdiotsFat loss 4 idiots is an online book that ranges from $20 to $40 depending on the program you choose. The book claims that there are 10 simple weight loss techniques required to effectively maintain weight loss.

Their program uses a calorie shifting theory in which you provide your body with different types of calories consumed at different times during the day or night to confuse your metabolism into losing more weight. They claim that there are two types of hormones released every time you consume food.

One hormone tells your body to store the food and the other use food for energy or fat burning. Their program manipulates these hormones and thus controls the number fat burning hormones and in return helps effectively lose weight.

The program consists of a diet generator that allows you to personalize your 11 day Calorie Shifting diet menu. The diet generator calculates your every meal and so by doing eliminates the need to ever worry about adding calories consumed. It is recommended to eat 4 meals daily and that intense exercise is a waste of time. Fat loss 4 idiots can be used for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

They even offer a 100% money back guarantee and say you will begin losing excess fat in as little as only 11 days. If you are not satisfied within the first 8 weeks they will send you a full refund of the original cost. The best part of all is that you simply pay the onetime fee of the book and are free to print the book at your leisure and convenience.

This online book seems to contain a complete program for some extra and effective weight loss. It would be a good track for anyone seeking to lose weight. We would also recommend taking one of our top 3 rated diet pills with your strict diet for the quickest and most effective weight loss.

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  1. Natalie
    March 2, 2009 @ 1:40 pm


    I have this program and I have lost 9 lbs within the 11 days. The reason I like this program is because you choose the foods from their list that you like. I think it is an excellent program. It also helps you to control your food intake. I mostly like it because it is not a drug that can possibly do harm to your body; like the ones you are suggesting to consume.

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