Extreme Acai Berry

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Extreme Acai Berry

Ever heard of a brazilan fruit called acai (ah-sigh-EE)?  It is growing in popularity as it is a fruit rich in antioxidants and claimed to be a “miracle fruit” to be used for a variety of issues including weight-loss.  The truth is, it’s no miracle fruit, but the hype has made scam artists rich and Extreme Acai Berry appears to be just one such scam.

Extreme Acai Berry Ingredients

The strange thing about this product is that it actually lists no supplement facts or ingredients.  We can only assume that it contains some quantity of acai, but there is no way to know how much if you check out the website.  Acai is a great ingredient and in the right concentrations it can do a lot of good for your health, but without knowing how much is in it, there is no way to know. This is clearly a scam.

Granted, this isn’t exactly the most sophisticated scam either as you will see customer testimonials as vague and ridiculous as “Now I know I am actually clean inside because I can feel it!” on the website, but if you look at the terms and conditions of their “14-Day Free Trial”, you will see that the 14 day trial starts the day you order the product, which gives you about 10 days max to try the product before they charge you $90 on your credit card and charge you more.  This is the only way you can buy the product.


  • None


  • No ingredient listing
  • Auto-ship scam
  • Over-priced ($90)

Extreme Acai Berry Conclusion

This is one of the most disgusting scams I have seen on the market.  Don’t fall for it!

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  • Nicole

    I fell for the Extreme Acai Berry ads simply for the fact that they were endorsed by Rachel Ray and Oprah. Or at least that is what the ads mentioned. My credit card also go charged the $90.00. Somewhere in the fine print you are supposed to call and opt out within 14 days. If you don’t that is like accepting their terms and conditions. I didn’t see the fine print! Luckily I called the bank and told them it was an unauthorized charge, which it was, and was able to get my money back. DON”T FALL FOR THIS ONE…do some more research on it first. I wish I did.

  • Kathy

    I fell for the free sample, only pay S/H, and after I read a consumer review, called immediately to stop the auto-ship. What they don’t tell you on the website is that you also signed up for 2 OTHER “bonus deals” and you will see 2 other continuous charges, even if you cancel the auto ship!! I ended up making over 6 calls to various scam areas just to get out of something that was never shipped. Buyer Beware

  • Shelly

    I too fell for the Extreme Acai Berry ad because it was endorsed by Oprah. It is a joke! They tell you that you have a free 14 day trial period – and that you must call to cancel within that 14 days or your credit card will be charged the $89.95. I called and cancelled on my 12th day because I had not received anything in the mail, yet they charged me immediately for shipping and handling. After I cancelled the auto ship I received another charge on my credit card for $29.95 for some other dumb company that I did not sign up for – I had to go thru an act of Congress to get that cancelled and my money refunded. 22 days later I receive a 14 day trial bottle of the Extreme Acai Berry. This is probably one of the biggest scams out there. DO NOT FALL FOR SUCH A MESS!…..and now that I’ve taken the acai berry for 2 days, I can’t tell a thing! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

  • Kit

    I didnt even realize my card had been charged over $100 dollars until i read the comments on this page. Not only did i not have enough room on my card for the charges i had to jump through hoops to get them taken off. Dont trust this BullS*** diet pill. They got a very angry call for me

  • Rachel

    I too fell for this trap and found no results now it’s to try and cancel hmmm they are still billing me and just when i get a bottle i receive yet another one good luck be smarter then me don’t try this scam i have to call master card today and do it from the other end not allowing no more charges on my account from this con artist scammer on such an emotional topic.

  • Brit

    Were can you get the real stuff that was on Oprah??

  • Kiara

    *I’m taking these pills on the free trial, and I’m not getting any results. It’s been three days now. I’ve read reviews, and most of them place Extreme Acai as fast acting, and effective. I feel like an idiot for taking “Sweet Tarts” as a diet supplement, but I want to believe. I actually feel bloated. I looked up the ingredients listed on the bottle, and not one of them is Acai. I could guess “Wild Berry Flavor” is what they’re referring to. I don’t want to pay for the flavor of Acai, but something with it actually added. There are eight ingredients, Dextrose, Vanilla Flavor, Wild Berry Flavor, Citric Acid, Carmine Color, Crospovidone NF, Magnesium, and Sucralose. Basically sugar, an absorbing agent, and an adhesive. That’s pretty much enough proof that it doesn’t work right there. I’ll be canceling in the morning.

  • joyce

    The same thing happen to me also and now im trying to get my refund back. This is truely some scam this should be against the law taking people money.

  • Judy Freedman

    I too fell for this scam and just received a charge on my bill for $79.95 and $85.90. I have e-mailed the company with no response…………………they do not even have a phone number. I am writing to Oprah and have notified my credit card company that these amounts are in dispute as I never authorized them.

  • sharon wisi

    also i fell for the scam cancel my account and then they charge me again for the nex mth, i have tried to talk to them with no results, they also my account was cancel then why did you charge me again for the product i did not order. i am still trying to the money back to my account with no results. dont fall for this scam, it looks like they get your checking account and then sent the product to you after you cancel.also the product does not work.here a phone number i am calling 866-949-0138. good luck

  • Sherry

    I didn’t fall for the free trial scam on this product. I have learned through trial and error-not to give out credit card or checking account info for shipping charges on free trials because they ALWAYS hit you with all sorts of charges-for product,cancellations-when you finally find out you have to cancel, and it takes an act of congress to get your money back and get the charges to stop. But, I did go on ebay and ordered an all natural acai berry capsule-actual dried berry-and had very good results with it. No auto-ship! Do your research online before you fall for the supposed free trials. There are actual acai berry products that do work well-without the scam!


    Try Acai Vegecapsules from your local Health Food store manufactured by SAMBAZON, 100% pure Acai, no filler, no sales gimmicks. Take 2 tabs a day with 2 fiber tabs by Metamucil.

    This is an alternative equivalent to the rip off marketing of Acai Supreme/Acia Burn/Acai Slim or whatever else name they are marketing this non-product under; along with Colon Cleanse.

    If you read anything about colon cleansing it can take 30-60-90 days to safely and thoroughly cleanse your intestines and colon of toxic waste.

    Using the 2 fiber tabs of Metamucil with not give you the equivalent of thorough colon cleansing. See the rated and reviewed Colon Cleanse products that are not only highly rated, they are safe, effective and natural. There is no way to safely and effectively cleanse your colon in 30 days, it just is a lie if you believe such bunk.

    Happy New Year – Be wise in your purchases

  • sharyn bolinger

    I was dupped also, what a bummer. I did not authorize a second shipment. I recived a package yesterday, 1-18-09. There was not a return phone number on container,nor an invoice in envelope. They will receive a call soon, as I saved the phone # on the orignal bottle and then will proceed with further action. Please go to your local health store rather than deal with these charlatans.

  • Kiara

    *This junk made me extremely bloated. I looked pregnant. As soon as I quit taking it my stomach gradually went back down. I wasn’t tricked into charges I didn’t want because I caught the fine print located on a separate page from the order form after I placed the order. It said the shipping time is included with the free trial. Which means you’ll only have a few days to one week to cancel after you receive your product, not two weeks. I canceled the day I got my order. That was not the only problem they posed though. If you don’t catch the fine print you’ll be charged for the “free offers” from two companies they automatically sign you up for. It still gets worse than that. They also pass your information (including credit card number) on to other companies who call you to make other offers. I’ve declined everyday at least twice since about Dec. 20th. I still get calls from them asking me if I would be interested in their “free” services, and products. Yet, they always read the last four digits of my Mastercard within seconds of the call. I’ve told them to remove me from their lists over, and again. I know now that auto-ship is code for scam. I thought that because they offered a free trial it must work, but that’s a trick too. If you have to make someone buy a product it more than likely doesn’t work. If it was effective people would be thrilled to purchase it, and line up for it. They use Rachel Ray to try to sell this mess, but she’s not promoting the Acai supplement, but the actual fruit. Lesson learned. Now someone else can learn from my mistake.

  • Mary

    For what ever reason, I stupidly decided to order the Extreme AcaiBerry Product. I received the sample, should have cancelled then, but didn’t. Sister-in-law was taking it and it worked for her — at least last fall she had lost weight. Well, I called to cancel the order, but I can’t return the package that arrived yesterday, nor the second one. I have already report
    Wu-Yi to two Better Business Bureaus and think I am going to report both the Wu-Yi and the Extreme AcaiBerry Product to the appropriate state agency in my home state and will attempt to send letters to all of them. When I called to cancel the Extreme AcaiBerry, they claimed they could NOT give me a number for the company directly!!
    And yes, you see Oprah and Rachel Ray and think, ok, they are saying these are good products. Maybe I will also send Oprah a message about her name being used to say these products WORK!!! I should have known better, but once again, it all a joke. And a very big rip off!!

  • Petra

    i too got ripped off, i went to my online banking checking account and saw the charges, 79 dollars for colon cleanse u got to be kidding, its a good thing that there are phone numbers with the amount of money theyve taking out of my account, u guys say there are no phone numbers, go to your bank, if you paid for it by debit card and they will give u the phone numbers to those companies. the tea and the pills and all that didnt work for me either, i just got the green tea capsules from CVS, they actually help me loose weight, the brand is CVS store brand, try those. to lose weight u just have to excercise and eat less thats the old school method that still works. i called those companies and cancelled and they told me i would get a refund, i really hope theyre for real. such a ripp off, its sad what has the world come to.

  • Petra

    i wonder if anybody has gotten their refunds back

  • Dee

    I also fell for this scam! The best advice I can give to anyone is to cancel your credit card.Have your bank mail you a new one so they can’t continue to bill your card. Everyone should also send e-mails to Rachael Ray and Oprah. They should have their names removed from this false advertisement.

  • ruth




    I also tried this product because I believed in Oprah, that said, I was charged $89 on my credit card twice and received two bottles of this product, that I had already canceled, I also was charged by another company for some type of magazine that they auto charge you for when you place an order. This is a SCAM, don’t fall for it. The product taste like sweet tarts, doesn’t tell you to swallow it or suck on it. There is no information on the label. buyer be very aware what your getting into.

  • Tami

    I stopped believing in anything Oprah has to say, she is like everyone else out there , she is in it for the money, just how much money does she need. This woman is an Icon and people will believe what she tells them just like all her books, some of these books are not worth reading, people do your homework, and stop being such followers, or believing all that you are told. I think we have all stopped thinking and want to believe in something greater then ourselves.

  • monique

    contact 866-949-0138 or my order support.com to get
    a refund for the charges….i did and the money was
    credited back to my checking account.
    hope this helps….

  • bonny quackenbush

    please concel my order.

  • carole

    i can’t believe i was taken in by this scam. shame on oprah, rachael ray, cnn, nbc for promoting such a gimmick. the old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true then it is” i have been trying to contact these people……right now i have been on hold for a full 15 minutes. the next contact will be the better business bureau. i want my refund!

  • carole

    I never recieved any freebie and they charged my credit card for an order i have not recieved

  • rosie

    I also feel for this add because of Rachel Ray and Oprah shows. I wonder if they know what complaints people are having with this company? I ordered this product on July 3,2009 they said it would take 3 working days to recieve it. One week later I recieved a box with foam packing in it and two brochures. Ya, thats all. i since then have tried calling the company 4 times and have gotten no where!!! But they have my money.

  • connie

    Like all the other people i got talked into ordering this acaci berry by a fast talking forgien woman that could’nt half understand , i understood it to be free other than the shipping and handling charge ,but that was a lie ,she said that cleanse cost 79.00 after she my card numbers . i told yhis crazy lady to just cancel the order but she keep talking and i thought i wasn’t going to be charged without a confirmation number ,aleast that the way it usually works when u pay or buy something online. they ouy out $87.14 out of my account ,that made my checking account go into overdraft ,because , i DID NOT order their product after i really understood how it worked. sounds like its not worth the money anyway. i want my money refunded back to my accont . i’m going to contact the # 1-866-949-0138 i want my money bask asap !!!!!!!!!!!

  • jamie

    I too have been scammed. I am so embarassed as I should have known better. When I received the first call to verify my free shipment the guy said you can cancel your order and only pay shipping within the first 30 days. Today is the 25th day so I call to cancel and they have charged my credit card over $180.00..i asked the girl if I could return the package I receeived today and she said no you have already been charged. I am furious. She said if I looked at the website it states that you only have a free trial for 19 days….I never saw this. the better business bureau needs to get hold of this company. And when you call to cancel the company must outpost the calls to India….now that was a fun conversation. Beware of this company. I wish I knew something I could do to get my money back…..

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