Dymetadrine Extreme-EF Review

No. Ephedrine itself has never been illegal in the United Sates, but in 1997 the Food and Drug Administration proposed a regulation on ephedra (the herb from which ephedrine is obtained), which limited the doses of ephedra. In 2006 dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids adulterated were ruled illegal for marketing in the United States. Dymetadrine Extreme-EF is one of the many products which used to contain ephedra, but due to the ruling have been forced to take a different route.

Does Dymetardine Extreme Work Without Ephedra?

Not really. The route they took was full of less-effective ingredients (safer nonetheless), and a lot more caffeine. Since the ban of ephedra they have never fully recovered their market share.

Dymetadrine’s Ingredients

Essentially, it contains Thermogenic Herbs, Amino Acid Substrates, Vitamins and Minerals, and Green Tea. I know, it’s pretty vague. The lot of these ingredients make up a proprietary formula called NRGX.

The problem with proprietary formulas is that you never know how much of each ingredient you are getting. Hypothetically a product could contain one milligram of an ingredient and still list it as part of the “proprietary blend.” However, nearly EVERY company does this and it is difficult to decipher the honest from the dishonest. It’s best to rely on consumer reviews.

Dymetadrine Pros

  • Caffeine will promote some weight loss

Dymetadrine Cons

  • Not a well rounded formula
  • Expensive for what you get
  • Designed for body builders

Dymetadrine Conclusion

I do not recommend Dymetadrine Extreme-EF. It’s not effective enough to even justify the $19.95 price tag.

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  1. Brett Neff
    July 17, 2008 @ 7:48 pm


    If you don’t care about your twenty dollars then give this one a try.

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