Duromine Review

There are a lot of non prescription alternatives to the controversial prescription diet pill Phentermine. You can actually get Duromine with a prescription but if you buy it over the internet you can get it without a prescription.

Duromine is one of these generic forms of Phentermine. It is approved by the FDA although that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is incredibly safe. Furthermore, if you get Duromine through a prescription the guidelines for getting that prescription are pretty strict.

Duromine Ingredients

Phentermine, titanium dioxide, magnesium, carbon black, lactosevliquid paraffin, gelatin, and a couple colors. If you use Duromine with an effective diet and exercise program you are likely to lose some weight. You need to include exercise with this product because it doesn’t do anything to increase your metabolism. Instead, it works strictly to suppress your appetite so that you don’t consume as many calories throughout the day.

Duromine Side Effects

Many times people think that because a product is approved by the FDA (or is a prescription product) it’s completely safe. Have you ever seen a prescription product that doesn’t cause side effects? I’m really sensitive to side effects for some reason which I know because everytime I take something I get all the side effects and it’s so bad I can’t continue using the product. Duromine could cause some pretty severe side effects so you should use caution when using it and definitely not go off your doctor’s instructions. You may notice diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, and headaches after using Duromine.

Is Duromine Expensive?

Duromine is pretty similar in its mode of action as gastic bypass surgery. It doesn’t make your stomach any smaller and yet because it suppresses your appetite it works in a similar manner. Buying Duromine is definitely going to be cheaper then paying for gastic bypass surgery (although part of that would depend on what your insurance covers).

The exact price of Duromine has not been posted so you should consult with your doctor to see what you are going to be paying. When you use Duromine sometimes you can get a free trial sample from your doctor (which isn’t going to be a scam because there aren’t any hidden costs or anything). They don’t offer a satisfaction guarantee. But because it is a prescription product sometimes you can work it out to get some of your money back.

How Well Does Duromine Work?

Well, let’s just say that if you are looking for a product to be an alternative to the prescription Phetermine I would have to recommend Phentirmene. This diet pill is much safer than the prescription alternative and it has been shown to produce similar if not superior results. So instead of going through tons of different diet pills why don’t you just try the right one the first time?

Duromine may be able to give you some of the results that you are looking for in a diet pill. And yet since it causes so many side effects and is only supposed to be used for up to 12 weeks (in order to prevent addiction) it may not be your go-to diet pill of choice.

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