Drugstore.com Store Review

nophotoDrugstore.com is a site that prides itself on being the “uncommon drugstore.” Among the different varieties of products it sells include:

  • pharmacy
  • medicine cabinet products
  • home medical
  • oral care
  • hair care
  • skin care
  • makeup and accessories
  • GNC products
  • diet and fitness
  • food and gourmet
  • green and natural products
  • men’s products
  • personal care
  • household
  • small appliances
  • pets
  • baby and mom vitamins
  • sexual well-being
  • and contact lenses

As you can see from the list, drugstore.com sells just about everything. Drugstore.com contains a decent amount of diet solutions products. This can be both a good and a bad thing. It is great to be able to purchase whatever products you need from an online store, but at times the innumerable products and advertisements can be overwhelming and obnoxious.

Quality of Products Sold

Like any average drugstore, drugstore.com has a mix of good and bad products. It sells both the name brands and some generic ones. If you are looking for higher-end products, drugstore.com is probably not the place to look.

What is disappointing about Drugstore.com is its selection of weight loss supplements. If you are looking for weight loss solution products, drugstore.com’s selection is basic and is lacking most of the better products on the market. We weren’t able to find any of the top 20 top rated weight loss products. To its credit,Drugstore.com does have a few good energy products. But the bottom line is that Drugstore.com is not the place to shop if you are serious about losing weight.

Prices at Drugstore.com

The prices at drugstore.com are fairly average and comparable to the average drugstore. There is the occasional great deal but for the most part prices are standard.

Shipping at Drugstore.com

For new customers, drugstore.com offers free delivery on your first purchase over $25. Options for expedited shipping are available.

Customer Service at Drugstore.com

Links to commonly asked questions are available by clicking the help button on the website. You can also email questions to their customer service department or call them directly. Surprisingly, the wait for customer service calls wasn’t that bad.

Drugstore.com Conclusion

Overall, drugstore.com is not a bad place to shop on the internet. It is not “the” place to shop but great deals can be had every once in a while. If you are looking for weight loss supplements, we would probably recommend looking elsewhere as their selection is lacking.

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