Driven Sports Lean Xtreme Review

Driven Sports Lean XtremeMy husband frequently teases me about my caffeine addiction. But when it’s late at night and he is trying to sleep and I had a 48 oz diet coke for dinner he has a pretty hard time with my constant pestering because I just can’t fall asleep. Although I would not consider myself sensitive to stimulants like caffeine (when used in smaller amounts) I’m sure he would be the first to tell me not to use a stimulating diet pill.

That’s why I looked into Lean Xtreme. It is still supposed to be just as effective as the other diet pills that use stimulants only because it doesn’t have caffeine it won’t make you jittery, nervous, anxious, or give you insomnia. Looking at the benefits of using Lean Xtreme it sounds almost perfect for someone like me. But when you look at the ingredients it is questionable as to whether or not it will actually work as effectively as it says.

The main ingredient in Lean Xtreme is green tea. Green tea is a good ingredient to include in a diet pill and does product results. But it also is not the only one that should be included. A diet pill should not rely on the effectiveness of one solitary ingredient. I would rather use a diet pill that used several ingredients in the proven amounts and in the proven combinations with other ingredients. It looks like Lean Xtreme doesn’t have any other ingredients that are notable and are going to have a huge problem meeting all the things they advertise. A good product should have more proven ingredients and should include the proper amounts.

It is supposed to be for athletes or bodybuilders who want to drop fat but keep their lean muscle mass. It also said that it could work for anyone looking to lose extra weight and to gain more muscle mass so I thought about trying it. But I stopped myself just before I bought it after reading consumer reviews. A lot of people said that once the formula changed the effectiveness of the product significantly decreased. It sounds like the old formula was better than the new one is.

Lean Xtreme Cost


Lean Xtreme Pros

  • Stimulant free

Lean Xtreme Cons

  • Not effective at burning fat
  • Have to be 18 or over to use

Lean Xtreme Conclusion

My husband will be disappointed that I didn’t find this to be a good product to use because I’m positive he doesn’t want me using a product with a lot of caffeine! But Lean Xtreme doesn’t appear to help people burn fat. If you could get ahold of the old formula maybe it would work but for some reason the new formula doesn’t work at all. They say that many users have lost fat while using Lean Xtreme but it only looks to me like you could lose water weight which would come back pretty quickly after you stopped using it. I’m going to look for some of the top diet pills because they contain the most effective ingredients but with the fewest side effects.

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