Store Review is one of the most successful online stores that our research team has evaluated. The unique combination of effective products, low prices, free shipping, and an easy-to-use website have made one of the highest ranked online stores in terms of actual customer feedback. The following are a few customer comments about

  • “I ordered it monday afternoon, and I was so surprised when it showed up at my house the very next morning.” – Mary Lou, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • “I have had an unfortunate history with the wrong people getting my credit card information while trying to buy dietary supplements online. This hasn’t been the case with For the last eight months, I have purchased diet pills problem free.” – Kenneth, LeFavour, Missouri
  • “I have gotten used to this. I won’t buy diet pills from anywhere that doesn’t offer free shipping.” – Stephen, Minnetonka, Minnesota

This online store has been impressive with the amount of positive feedback from customers that it receives. One of the best sources of the truth for us as a research firm is the honest opinion of actual customers. Because of this actual customer feedback, we are comfortable issuing a positive recommendation for

Unique aspects of

This online store provides consumers with a convenient drop-down menu on the side of their homepage that includes all of the diet pills offered on their site. One of my biggest frustrations in trying to compare prices of certain products among different online sites is that some sites make it so difficult to even find the product. One other effective part of’s website is the FAQs page. Most customers don’t need to go through the whole routine of talking to a customer service representative to get their questions answered because a majority of customer concerns are so similar, yet many online stores don’t include a simple FAQs page.’s prices offers some of the largest volume discounts available on the web. The volume discounts range from 20 to 60 percent of their original price. Volume discounts aren’t the only bargain, with individual products priced low as well. The other thing to factor in is how shipping costs affect the overall price. Free shipping is actually more of a deal than most people realize. Overall, consumers can be confident they are buying diet pills at some of the lowest prices in the market.

GDS's #1 Diet Pill of 2013

Apidextra has been the highest rated diet pill for 3 years. This powerful formula combines all-natural ingredients into a 100% safe and 100% guaranteed diet pill that speeds the metabolism, increases energy and burns fat!

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#1 - Apidextra

  • Ingredients: 5.0 / 5
  • Speed: 4.9 / 5
  • Results: 4.9 / 5
  • Feedback: 4.8 / 5
  • Safety: 5.0 / 5
  • OVERALL: 4.9 / 5