Diatrin-H Review

Some products hope to be sold simply on impulse – Diatrin-H is one of those products.  Little to no information is found about the product – about what it is actually made of (ingredients) and what it actually does (benefits).

Diatrin-H’s Misleading Hope Is All Hype

Sure, the claims are bold and bright with promises such as “Shop at the trendiest boutique and be able to find your size!,” “Get noticed by the opposite sex when you go out,” “Get excited for summertime because you can slip into a sexy swimsuit,” “Feel comfortable enough with your body to get involved with sports and outdoor activities,” and “Celebrate instead of cringe when you see a recent photo of yourself.” But where is the substantiated evidence?

Diatrin’s Ingredients

Thanks to other researchers who are concerned about product ingredients it is learned that the four ingredients within Diatrin-H are: Hoodia, Yerbamate, Ashwaganda, and Damiana.

Unfortunately Hoodia Gordonii is a species threatened with extinction.  Nevertheless product after product claims to offer you the benefits of Hoodia. It just physically isn’t possible.  It is illegal to export Hoodia from Africa without a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) certificate being issued by proper authorities. Honestly, NONE OF THIS MATTERS because Hoodia is a scam. That’s right – there’s ZERO evidence to back up Hoodia’s crazy claims.

The other ingredients are OK at best.

So I Take It Diatrin-H Doesn’t Live Up To Its Claims

I’d be surprised if more than 1% of its users saw positive results. There simply is not enough evidence to back up the false, hope-filled statements Diatrin trumpets.

Diatrin-H Pros

  • No autoship – I know, it’s a rather pathetic pro

Diatrin-H Cons

  • No substantiated claims
  • No good ingredients
  • Contains Hoodia

Diatrin-H Conclusion

I do not recommend Diatrin-H for obvious reasons.

Keep reading to find out more about what has worked for others.

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  1. FTL
    July 17, 2008 @ 7:40 pm


    I wish I knew more about Hoodia. Most things I have read are fairly negative about this ingredient.

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