Chinese Weight Loss

How Do the Chinese Stay So Thin?

The first time I went to Asia I was shocked that the vast majority of the population was so thin.  Maybe because it is in such stark contrast to the people I pass on the street every day that it was so shocking.  When my good friend was there she hardly ate anything.  She is such a picky eater that she can’t seem to find anything to eat when she goes on vacation.  China was especially difficult because she won’t even eat rice which is a huge staple food!

Needless to say, she lost a fair amount of weight on this trip to China.  But it got me thinking, the Chinese must have something right if the people there are generally in better healthy and are thinner than Americans are.  Eating a diet based in low calorie and healthy foods is going to help you with your weight loss goals.

What Should You Use?

Another staple in the Chinese diet is green tea.  You can even find green tea ice cream (although that defeats the weight loss effects).  When you drink green tea it increases your metabolism enough so that you can burn more calories throughout the day.

There are several other Chinese herbs that are common in diet pills.  You can find several benefits from using citrus aurantium.  This herb consists of synephrine.  You may have heard of this ingredient before.  After ephedra was banned by the FDA companies started using alternatives such as synephrine because they could produce similar weight loss results without causing all the detrimental side effects.

Some Chinese weight loss diet pills have been deemed unsafe, however.  The FDA warns against some of the products because they can potentially be toxic to the kidney.  Particularly when they are combined with other weight loss products people have experienced detrimental side effects.  When combined with certain diet pills people have even experienced problems like heart disease or heart failure.

Is Chinese Weight Loss for You?

Diet pills that include Chinese weight loss products may be the answer.  Many of the herbs used for centuries by the Chinese have been proven to be effective at enhancing weight loss.  But keep in mind that the Chinese have more than just effective herbs.  They follow a healthy diet plan in general and don’t stop at McDonalds on the way to and from work every day.

Another lesson we could learn from Chinese weight loss is that they exercise more frequently than do most Americans.  They ride their bikes a lot of places and walk instead of riding in the car everywhere they go.  You can definitely lose a lot of weight by following some of these principles.  And if you include some of the herbs that they have used to increase metabolism and suppress appetite your weight loss results are going to be even further enhanced.  You can find diet pills, teas, and tablets that are full of these proven ingredients and can give you results.  Just make sure that you are researching the safety of the particular product you choose so you don’t risk developing problems as are common with some Chinese weight loss products.

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