Centrilean Review

CentrileanHow many diet pills have you seen that have claimed to be a breakthrough in the diet pill industry? Because only about 3% of diet pills are effective and can give you the results you are after it’s pretty hard to be a breakthrough product in the industry. If you make it to the top few percent of effective diet pills you are essentially making a breakthrough in the industry.

Centrilean doesn’t have a lot of information on their official website. That’s always a bit of a red flag for me. A diet pill should be perfectly willing to share what’s in their product and how it works because you shouldn’t have to risk your health just to lose weight.

What’s In Centrilean?

Unfortunately, Centrilean is another product that doesn’t contain a complete list of ingredients. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients you need to know that before ordering the product otherwise it could be detrimental to your health. The only ingredients that are shown for Centrilean are konjac root and thermaxium. Konjac root comes from glucomannan which is a fiber. It can keep you feeling full and can suppress your appetite. Because it can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water if you take it before a meal it can help you to eat less throughout the meal.

Thermaxium contains green tea. This is a rather common ingredient in weight loss products. It has been known to moderately increase your metabolism so that you can burn more calories throughout the day. When a diet pill works in these two ways you are more likely to get results because it prevents calorie consumption and aids in calorie expenditure.

Has Centrilean Been Shown to Be Safe?

Since we can’t see the other ingredients that are contained in Centrilean it’s hard to definitevely say whether or not it is a safe product. However, the ingredients that are included seem to be generally beneficial to your body without causing much harm. You could notice some of the caffeine related side effects because of the green tea in this product.

Centrilean Price

You can try Centrilean risk free for only $1. But if you have ever fallen victim to a free trial offer you know that eventually you end up paying for what you thought was free and then they charge you an insane amount every month. You also have 30 days to try it out before you have to take advantage of the 30 day offer just make sure that you return it before then if you are planning on it.

Centrilean Conclusion

Even though Centrilean claims that it has been clinically proven there are not indications on their website that it actually has been clinically tested much less proven. Glucomannan has been shown to be effective at suppressing your appetite when included in the right amounts. We can’t tell if Centrilean has included the right amounts of these ingredients because their website is really limited on the information that is offered. But if you have seen success using this diet pill, let us know.

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