Cellucor L2 Extreme Review

Cellucor L2 ExtremeWell they claim it works, every company claims their product works but what is it supposed to do? Cellucor L2 Extreme is a weight loss pill with aquaretic and diuretic properties. This weight loss pill is supposed to aid in ridding the body of excess water weight while supporting the maintenance of sufficient vitamin and mineral levels.

Cellucor L2 Extreme Ingredients

The main ingredients in Cellucor L2 Extreme are the common natural diuretic ingredients Dandelion Root and Achyranthes Aspera extract. Using these two components is supposed to eliminate water in two different ways. On one side, Dandelion root helps the body excrete water without losing minerals. On the other, Achyranthes Aspera is known for its concentrations of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, which increase excretion of salt and water from the kidneys and can have some effect on blood pressure.


Cellucor has pages and pages of lengthy explanations about the ingredients of Cellucor L2 Extreme but does not mention any specific studies proving the claims. They do talk about the extensive R&D done by the company but I did not find any independent studies easily available on the Cellucor site.

Side Effects of Cellucor L2 Extreme

Whenever you take a diuretic there is a good chance of encountering common side effects. The possible side effects of Cellucor L2 Extreme include the typical dehydration, cramping and fatigue although they do claim to mitigate these side effects by adding back in the nutrients that are commonly lost due to diuretic use.

The Cellucor Website

The Cellucor website is one of the better sites out there as far as look and abundance of information go. They do a good job of going into deep scientific explanations of what their product is supposed to do but they don’t spend as much time talking about if it has actually been proven to do what they claim. I also found it difficult to find any kind of quantities or dosages. As you know by reading other reviews on GetDietSolutions.com, it’s just as important to get the dose right as it is to get the ingredients right.

Cellucor L2 Extreme Price and Return Policy

No wonder Cellucor spends so much time telling you how great their product is, they expect you to pay $54 for it. That breaks down to almost a dollar a pill. They do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and, as far as I can see, they don’t set any strange restrictions on the time you have to return the product. You do have to ship it back to the company and in the end it is left to their discretion whether or not to actually award you the refund.

Overall Value

With all the diuretics on the market that make use of the same ingredients as Cellucor L2 Extreme, I find it difficult to say that what you get justifies the price. They do have a cool website and a sweet metal package the pills come in but none of those things really make a product better. I have no doubt that taking a diuretic like Cellucor L2 Exteme will produce fast weight loss but it isn’t a long term solution and the price range is a little high.

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  1. Alan Winter
    December 21, 2010 @ 9:16 am


    As an expert in diet products i don’t think from what i have read that this Cellucor L2 Extreme product works that well.

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