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Carb Blocker

Carbohydrates are the most abundant of the four major classes of biomolecules (including proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids). Carbohydrates fill numerous roles in living organisms such as the storage and transport of energy.

The distinction between “good carbs” and “bad carbs” is a very important part of low-carbohydrate diets, which promote a reduction in the consumption of grains and starches in favor of protein. You see, carbohydrates are not essential nutrients because the body can obtain all its energy from protein and fats. The brain cannot burn fat and needs glucose (sugar) for energy – and better yet, the body can make glucose from protein.
Foods that are high in carbohydrates include breads and pastas, beans are rice, bran and cereals, and potatoes.

What Does A Carb Blocker Do?

In the digestion process, the carbohydrates absorbed from the foods mentioned above are changed into sugar (for energy). Carb Blockers work to interfere in the body’s natural process and inhibit the process of the carbs being turned into sugar. By so doing, fewer carbohydrates are absorbed in the first place.

If the body takes its normal course of action, the consequential sugar calories can either be burned off during regular exercise, or stored as fat – bummer.

Do Carb Blockers work?

If you are looking for a way to have all of your carbohydrates unabsorbed so that you can totally evade habits of healthy eating and regular exercise – you can think again. Ideally, if we could pass all the carbs we consume directly through our body you might not need to worry about gaining weight, but to our ultimate benefit – the body is smarter than that.

Carb Blocker Conclusion

Get up and get going, do something today to burn those extra fat cells, because even if you do find a Carb Blocker that seems to work well, it isn’t going to do much about the fat cells already stored.

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  • Starry Kowlowski

    I have not found Carb Blocker to be very effective. In fact all carbohydrate suppressors I have used have not worked.

  • Jo

    I did use a carb blocker for about 6 months and I actually dropped a dress size and I am still wearing that dress size. I discontinued use because it was blocking me up. The problem could have been my low water consumption. Not sure.

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