Capsiplex Review

CapsiplexBased off of recent customer reviews Capsiplex causes appetite suppression. As for a diet solution there have not been many success stories. This may be due to the discomfort many have felt while taking Capsiplex. Many have reported loose stools that burn when they come out. This makes sense because Capsiplex’s ONLY ingredient is a chili pepper extract.

How Does Capsiplex Work?

As mentioned above, Capsiplex is made from chili pepper extract. This extract causes increased body metabolism that is said to burn 278 calories more per day. Scientifically this does work. Those who are not costumed to eating red hot chili peppers will really have a hard time ingesting them because of the discomfort it causes to the body. Most of us have experienced this sensation. As you bite into that red hot chili pepper you immediately regret doing so, it burns your mouth and makes you feel like you have stem coming from your ears. This heat you feel comes from an increase in metabolism. In order to burn the claimed 278 calories from the red hot chili pepper extract you would need to ingest 10 per day for weeks!!  This would be very painful!

So, Capsiplex made a capsule that is supposed to take the discomfort away. The capsule is said to not be dissolved in the low pH of the stomach but actually dissolve in the intestines. Without the discomfort however you will not burn near as much calories. We really doubt that 278 calories will be burned by this process (not like 278 calories is very much anyway).

Capsiplex Side Effects

Most consumers have reported discomfort in the bathroom. The red hot pepper extract will have burning as stools come out.

Chili pepper can also lead to stomach cancer, greater number of bowel movements, loose bowel movements, and may cause gastroesophegal reflux.

Capsiplex Pros

  • Has proven to be a great appetite supressant
  • “No fuss guarantee”

Capsiplex Cons

  • Bathroom discomfort
  • High price $42.73 (USD)/bottle
  • Not yet proven

Capsiplex Conclusion

There is a saying: No Pain No Gain. For us let’s look at it as No Pain No Loss (weight loss). In this case, without the pain of eating a chili pepper you will not get the loss of weight from it.  The whole idea that a chili pepper helps increase metabolism is taken away when you let the extract get all the way to the intestines. It has been proven to suppress the appetite however $42.73 is a high price to pay for an appetite suppressant.

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