Calotren Review

CalotrenCalotren takes a somewhat novel approach to weight loss by introducing collagen protein back into the system. According to Calotren, collagen is second only to water in abundance and importance to proper body function. Calotren claims that as we age collagen production incrementally decreases and by the time a person reaches 45 they are operating at drastically reduced collagen levels. Giving the body back that collagen protein it needs helps maintain muscle which in turn keeps up your potential to burn calories. Calotren also includes probiotics to help the body absorb the collagen and promote overall health.

What To Expect

Calotren comes in both pill and liquid form. You can buy it by the bottle or the web site offers deals for purchasing the product in a three month supply. Calotren promises to go to work immediately but they recommend you give it at least 90 days.

The main ingredient in Calotren is collagen protein but it also includes what they call “Mega Probiotics” along with a number of natural herbs and vitamins. The health benefits, as far as weight loss is concerned, center around Calotren’s claim to promote healthy muscle development. They also point to better joint function, cartilage growth and improved elasticity of skin and blood vessels. Their Mega Probiotic formula is supposed to help the body integrate fully the added collagen protein but also promotes better gastrointestinal health. They even say you can expect better sleep.


Healthy amounts of muscle are one of the most important factors in weight loss. The more muscle you have the more calories you are going to burn. The more calories you burn the more weight you have a chance of loosing. It also helps to have properly lubricated joints and even the added benefit of healthier skin makes you feel better. The benefit of probiotics is also well documented and can go a long way toward helping the body stay healthy. These good bacteria speed digestion, decrease the absorption of fat and breakdown harmful toxins.


Calotren is making a pretty big deal out of collagen protein. The science supporting the importance of collagen in the body may be pretty solid but the leap from those facts to claiming ingested collagen protein helps weight loss is a long one. There aren’t any serious side effects I would be worried about but the financial risk of using a product that isn’t going to work as well as some others is pretty good.

Final Word

I always say I like a product that tackles everyday problems with new solutions. Unfortunately new is not always best and without having the time to prove their effectiveness, new methods of weight loss are hard to recommend. Calotren takes a very natural approach to weight loss and does it without using stimulants or dangerous drugs. The price tag is on the higher end though and there isn’t a whole lot of evidence proving the ingestion of collagen protein will have the effects Calotren claims.

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