Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review

Burn the Fat Feed the MuscleBurn the Fat Feed the Muscle is an e-book that can be downloaded onto your computer for a nominal fee of roughly $40. After paying the cost to download the book you can simply print from the comfort of your own home as long as you have enough paper and ink to accommodate. There is no shipping and handling fee and the best part of all is that you have the book immediately.

The author of the book is Tom Venuto who claims that his book is a Fat Loss program and NOT a weight loss program. Venuto states that while rapid weight loss is motivational, in the long run it merely slows down the metabolism and that 95% of the time the weight comes right back on. He goes on to claim that by following his program, you will typically lose between 1-3 pounds per week. Burn the Fat is a guide to a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating. The book doesn’t claim to be easy but to be well worth every bit of effort required to help keep all your muscle currently as well as add more, along with getting rid of unwanted fat permanently. Venuto states if you are looking for a quick fix to get rid of your excess body fat, his program is not for you.

The website has a ton of information showing Tom Venuto’s credentials, testimonials and proof of just why and how this book is not only effective but cost efficient as well. He goes on to prove that the more lean muscle your body has, the more efficient your metabolism will be at ridding itself of excess fat and calories. Venuto doesn’t claim to be medical professional or registered dietitian by any stretch of the imagination, but does give evidence that his book has already received enthusiastic thumbs up from many registered dietitians, exercise physiologists and several physicians. Many of whom who have used his program and recommend it to their patients as an extremely healthy and active lifestyle. Venuto clearly states that his fat loss program was NOT designed to accommodate certain special needs of those who currently have a thyroid disorder, diabetes, heart disease or any other medical metabolic conditions.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a highly detailed fat loss program that requires quite a bit of discipline. It’s not a quick fix for weight loss and won’t be easy. This program is not for everyone and is only recommended to those who want to commit to a much disciplined lifestyle change. We have listed our top three diet pills below and they would be a great additive to your diet and lifestyle change.

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