Bodywell Top Secret Fat Enemy Review

Bodywell Top Secret Fat EnemyBodywell Nutrition’s most popular weight loss product is a pill they call “Top Secret Fat Enemy.” Now, if you had a product you were trying to sell for a profit, would you keep it secret? If you did I don’t think you’d be in business very long. How you decide to run your business aside, it’s a cool name and I know I would like the enemy of fat on my side.

Top Secret Fat Enemy is supposed to take care of fat in a “one two punch” of accelerated fat burning and controlling hunger signals to the brain. Bodywell claims that their formula activates what is known as Brown Adipose Tissue or “brown fat” which functions as the body’s bridge between stored fat and the conversion of that fat to heat. The appetite suppressing ingredients are supposed to control the regulatory hormone Cholecystokinin or CCK. When you take Top Secret before a meal the company claims it will stimulate the release of CCK which will trick the brain into thinking it should stop sending hunger signals helping you control your food intake.

Right on the front of the package, they emblazon the guarantee that you will feel no “jitters.” If any of you have taken a fat burner you know how the stimulants can make you fell jittery or like your heart is accelerated. Some people even feel dizzy and can’t continue using the product because the side effects are too sever. Top Secret Fat Enemy claims to increase energy without these jitters and also says you won’t feel a crash.

Not So Secret

On the official website, Bodywell makes mention of some of the key ingredients but doesn’t go into great detail about quantities. It contains a lot of the ingredients that you would come to expect in a weight loss supplement like green tea (EGCG) and Chromium Polynicotinate. It also contains antioxidant rich ingredients like acai, blueberry and cranberry.

Clinical Research

There have been a number of studies done on the effects of some of the ingredients you will find in Top Secret Fat Enemy but the official web site does not give any independent research verifying their claim of activating the Brown Adipose Tissue to convert fat to heat. There is also no scientific evidence offered that links the use of this product to the release of the hormone CCK. It is true however that CCK plays a role in your body’s hunger response. Bodywell also cites the fact the Institute of Metabolic Sciences (TIMS) in the UK rated it “the most comprehensive and effective formula ever created.” That is quite the statement and may be accurate but I didn’t actually find that specific claim in any TIMS literature .

Final Thought

The idea of Brown Adipose Tissue melting away the bad fat in your system is a pretty interesting way help someone loose weight and it isn’t something you hear everyday. The idea of tricking the brain into thinking it is full is something a lot of supplements claim to do but in the case of Top Secret and most others there isn’t a whole lot of solid evidence proving it does either.

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