Best Fat Burning Foods List

Following a healthy diet plan may not do as much for your waist line as you might think.  Of course, the best place to start is with a healthy and balanced diet but you can take the results you are going to get one step further if you can choose the right foods to incorporate into your diet.

1. Green Tea and Coffee

The reason green tea and coffee can help you to lose weight is because they increase your metabolism through the use of caffeine.  There is also EGCG in green tea which can help your nervous system and brain to run quickly so that you can burn more calories.  There have been countless studies performed on these ingredients and since they are so low in calories they are an excellent option for weight loss.

2. Eggs

Eggs are extremely high in protein which can keep you full throughout the day.  There is also vitamin B12 in eggs which can help to break down fat cells.  Some people are concerned with included too many eggs in their diet because they have about 2/3s of the day’s recommended cholesterol.  However, studies have shown that dietary cholesterol doesn’t have as much of an impact on cholesterol levels as fat does.  If you are worried about the cholesterol you can remove the yolks but you probably want to keep a yolk in at least one of the eggs you eat because it is the part of an egg that contains the most nutrients.

3. Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your health.  They can influence the amount of leptin that is in your body so that you can more easily burn calories instead of storing them as fat. It also has a good source of protein which can help to keep you full throughout the day.  There have even been studies performed by the Mayo Clinic which have shown that diets that include fish have leptin levels that are 5 times lower than those that eat just vegetables.

4. Lean Meats

One of the reasons that you want to eat lean sources of protein are because they are more difficult to digest which means that you burn more calories just trying to eat the food.  In addition, for the two hours following a meal with high sources of lean protein you burn twice as many calories as you would have eating carbs alone.

5. Peppers

Capasaicin is a chemical in peppers such as jalepenos and cayennes that gives them the spicy flavor.  It work by speeding up your metabolism so that you can burn up to 1,000 more calories a day.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is a great snack to keep on hand.  It has healthy bacteria that can improve your digestive system.  You can use yogurt in place of other ingredients in your cooking so that you can get the added health benefits.  In addition, it has calcium which can support bone and muscle growth and development.

7. Fiber

Eating foods that are rich in fiber have a huge impact on your health and ability to lose weight. As you have probably heard on commercials fiber can keep you full and focused.  That’s really true because fiber has the biggest impact on a feeling of fullness.  It also improves your digestive system and can keep you regular so you don’t feel bloated all the time.

8. Beans

There are tons of benefits you can receive from eating beans.  They have high amounts of protein, fiber, and iron.  All of these are key to having the ability to lose weight.  They are also fairly low in calories and can stimulate GI activity.

Will These Foods Make a Difference?

If you include these foods in your diet you will be able to better improve the quality of your health and well being.  Many diet pills have tried to get the power of these fat burning foods into a diet pill and some of them are effective.  But if you can follow a healthy diet and incorporate these foods into your diet you will have the added ability to lose weight.

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