Genceutic Natural’s African Mango + Green Tea Review

Genceutic Natural’s African Mango + Green TeaIrvingia Gabonensis has been claimed to do many beneficial things for weight loss. The main beneficiary component is the stimulation of the Leptin; this signals the brain if you are hungry or not. African Mango Extract + Green Tea are supported by this ingredient which is derived from the African Mango’s seeds.

African Mango Extract + Green Tea’s claims are very similar to Irvingia Gabonesis claims and does not deter off from the idea of weight loss through the signaling of  brain cells. It however includes Green Tea to promote weight loss on existing fat. Green Tea has been known to induce thermogenics which burns extra calories throughout the day.  Is the combination of the two ingredients good enough to be deemed a top diet pill?

African Mango Extract plus Green Tea Ingredients

  • African Mango Extract-The African mango extract is derived from the seeds of the fruit. Has been shown to produce appetite reduction by increasing the level of Leptin in your bloodstream. It is used in Africa as healthy fat and protein option, as well as high in vitamins claiming to support optimal health.
  • Green Tea- green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps suppress appetite and promote fat loss. Its high caffeine content contributes to increase body temperature, resulting in increasing of thermogenesis and fatty-acid liberation from adiposites. This means it will help burn fat first.


You may come across findings on Dr. Oz if you look up African Mango or Irvingia Gabonesis, this is because he once discussed it with Oprah on one of the episodes featuring weight loss. Of course, just about everything  those two discuss goes worldwide; sending  diet companies into a fury to produce Oprah or Oz approved weight loss pills. African Mango Extract + Plus Green Tea is in no way supported by the two them.

The African Mango Extract plus Green Tea Website

African Mango Extract can be found at along with other Mango Extract based products. It does include a fair amount of information on the Mango extract which is quite useful to know if you are considering this product.

African Mango Extract plus Green Tea Cons

African Mango Extract plus Green Tea is retailed for 29.99 USD and does not honor refunds on opened bottles. However, you can purchase this product at the  and different policies do apply.


My verdict, I don’t think it cuts it. I really did not feel my appetite being suppressed by the Mango Extract alone. The Green Tea was its redeeming quality that saved the whole experience. I was able to feel energized and had the ability to work out longer. It claims to signal the brain is not hungry, I have seen a couple of claims like these in the past and they never follow through. Could you imagine if they actually did, do you think anyone would be overweight? I doubt it. In conclusion if you are in a bind between deciphering diet pills it’s always a good motto to select companies that include money back guarantees and please avoid free trials.

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    Thanks, I would highly recommend the Apidexen as it’s worked for me.

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