Advocare Thermo Plus Review

Thermo Plus fights off those last stubborn pounds that you oh so dread. Its innovative ingredients list provides support for fat oxidation and a healthy metabolism. When used with diet and exercise Thermo Plus claims you’ll see results like no other diet supplement. The feedback of Thermo Plus has also been relatively positive and overall Advocare is a reputable company to order from.

Advocare Thermo Plus Ingredients

  • Sage extract- contains a variety of polyphenols. The polyphenols in combination with caffeine promote energy expenditure and fat oxidation. The components of sage extracts affect brain cell receptors, which has implications for modulating appetite and food intake.
  • Oolong tea extract- The characteristic that separates oolong tea from green tea and black tea is that it is partially fermented. Green tea is unfermented and black tea is fully fermented.
  • Guarana extract- The extract is standardized for caffeine. Paullinia cupana is a berry, which grows in Venezuela and Brazil. Guarana is used in South America to prepare an energy-stimulating beverage similar to coffee or tea. Caffeine is the primary ingredient in guarana responsible for energy stimulation.
  • Thiamine- Essential for converting carbohydrates from the diet to energy. Needed for normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles, including heart muscle.
  • Niacin- B vitamin important in all steps essential for energy production and utilization, tissue and organ function. Niacin is involved in making important tissue and body components. Niacin also promotes release of energy from foods and proper nervous system functioning.


Guarana and Oolong tea have the highest possibility of causing side effects. Due to its concentration of caffeine it may cause irritability, nausea, upset stomach, heart burn, and restlessness. It is recommended to check with your health care provider prior to taking a ThermoPlus.

The Advocare Thermo Plus Website

Advocare Thermo Plus can be found on, a prestigious medical and science research company that produces fitness and health components. Advocare can be found through retailers because it is wholesaled; meaning other sites and stores may sale Advocare Thermo Plus.

Advocare Thermo Plus Price and Return Policy

It is sold for a steep $31.95 per bottle. You can save about 40% off when you become a distributor or a wholesaler of Advocare Thermo Plus (special restrictions apply).

Price will vary upon where you purchase Advocare ThermoPlus, and same for the return policy. Be sure to look at the return policy prior to buying Advocare ThermoPlus .


From my experience I would deem Thermo Plus a rather weak fat burner. What was claimed and what was actually experienced did not match. The energy level from Thermo Plus was limited and only lasted for a short period. As for weight reduction, results were probable towards diet and exercise. Advocare is a reputable company; however products do not come with a guarantee. If you are in the position to order a new diet supplement look for a diet pill that can back their claims up with a money-back guarantee.

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