8 Zone – White Zone Review

8 ZoneSeeing that the Olympics just finished, people find amazement with the athletes and wonder how they became that way. Unfortunately, people that participate in the Olympics don’t make the same amount of money that other professional athletes. This leads many of the athletes to seek payment in other ways, which is exactly what led to the creation of the 8 Zone products. No offense to Apolo Ohno, he just doesn’t have the income that a Tiger Woods, LeBron James, or David Beckham has. Thus, he looks to capitalize on his fame, leading to the creation of products, such as 8 Zone.

This being said, I am not saying that this product is ineffective. I am just saying when shopping for a product, you need be sure who owns, runs, and takes care of each website and their products.

8 Zone – White Zone is difference than the other 8 Zone products. It is designed to refuel your body, and revitalize you after you have had a tough day at the gym and working out. In terms of ingredients, they seem weak at best. The only good thing about this product is that it does have a number of patented products, which are usually indicative of quality.

One thing about the website is that there is no reference to a return policy. I have come to realize that usually means that there is no return policy, and thus to purchase with care. Also, there is a 30-day Free Trial offered by the website (I hope you think the picture of Apolo Ohno is as hilarious as I did when I saw it). Don’t get sucked into this trap. Unless you cancel on time, you will be put on auto-ship. Be sure to consult the company before making a decision, and ask them questions about returns and this possible auto-ship.

8 Zone – White Zone Side Effects

This product seems relatively safe, the only concern being with Green Tea Extract. With Green Tea, it can contain caffeine, which has been known to have numerous side effects including restlessness, anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches, and increased heart rate. Be sure to consult a physician before consuming, and don’t take if you are pregnant or nursing.

Does 8 Zone – White Zone work well enough to buy?

This product isn’t horrible. There certainly are better and worse products out there. Again, I am skeptical when celebrities endorse products because many people get sucked into the advertising trap. Beware of the auto-ship from the free trial period. Also, it is incredibly expensive. $150 for the complete set for a month. This is a ridiculous price! Be sure to look elsewhere in order to find the best products out there.

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